Learn how to use homeopathy at home for First Aid and Common Complaints with your Homeopathy For Families Online Course. Course instructor is a mother and a homeopath with a Masters in Teaching. WATCH INTRO VIDEO!


Homeopathy For Families Course Includes

  • 3 Hours of Video Instruction on The Science & Art of Homeopathy ($300 Value)
  • Real Case Practice Excercises & Quizzes ($50 Value)
  • 30 Minutes Office Hours with Rena to answer questions or review personal cases. ($75 Value)
  • Book Recommendations
  • Membership to Homeopathy for Families Cafe (Private FB Group) for course partipants to connect in community for support and discussion in all things homeopathy and natural medicine. ($50 Value)

                  A $575 COURSE VALUE FOR ONLY $333!


Rena's Homeopathy Insert Guides FREE!

3 Paper inserts to put inside your kit to quickily find the remedy you need.


Insert #1 Mama's Homeopathic Ammo: For First Aid and Common Ailments A handy chart with remedies listed by ailments and course of action. ($11 Value)


Insert #2 Mini Repertory 

A list of common complaints with most frequently indicated remedies to cross reference with Mini Materia Medica. ($11 Value)


Insert #3 Mini Materia Medica

A list of remedies with keynote and most common symptoms. ($11 Value) 

Homeopathy For Families Online Course

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